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Resuscitation veterinary clinic

Resuscitation in the veterinary clinic - workshop for advanced medical Ukraine.

The hotel complex Arcadia , Odessa, 29 and 30 August 2013 a seminar "Resuscitation in the veterinary clinic" , which brought together leading physicians from all over Ukraine .

70 delegates gathered to discuss and become familiar with modern technology resuscitation and treatment strategies used in Western hospitals.

Lecturer: Dr. Andrey Tarasov , DVM, USA - member American Veterinary Medical Association, International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society, a veterinary associations of Arizona and California.


Topics include:

Basics resuscitation. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation . Shock. Types of shock. The approach to treatment . Successful resuscitation : further treatment strategy ?

Seizures. Diagnostics . Treatment. Cupping . What to do in status. Infusion therapy . Why hospitalization for infusion therapy . How to determine the amount of infusion. How to avoid complications during infusion therapy ?

Diagnosis therapy in emergency conditions .

Diabetic ketoacidosis . Diagnosis, treatment.

Multiple injuries and cranial trauma . Treatment strategy .


Master Class Dr Andrew Tarasova complete seminar August 31 directly in the clinic Veterinarian .


It was organized by a leading veterinary clinic in Odessa - " Veterinarian ."

Seminar was sponsored by the multi-brand company Barbus, representing the Ukrainian market a unique , specialized brand in the category of professional pet - «Hill's».

The seminar was a great success , the issues at stake were of great interest and active discussion . There is reason to believe that such activities will continue to be held in Odessa in order to improve the professional level of medical staff of veterinary clinics and introduction Ukrainian medical practice advanced foreign technologies and techniques.