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Dignitaries in Arcadia

 Hotel "Arcadia " warmly welcomed the distinguished guests .

Basketball Club "Goverla" chose our hotel their home games at the time of the second round of the Super League in Odessa, from 16 to 18 October .
As a result, the game BC "Goverla" and BC "Odessa" appeared in the press news:
"... In a tense match of the second round of the championship Superleague BC " Goverla " on the road beat BC" Odessa " with a score of 76:73 and led the standings ..."
We wish success to all athletes and sports clubs invite conducting games on the road, stay in the " Arcadia " - the place where people habitually demanding , especially for food. Our chefs have experience of cooking a special diet of athletes, and solely in accordance with the recommendations of the sports team doctor .
Welcome to the "Arcadia "!