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Volyn in Arcadia

Hotel "Arcadia" took Football Club " Volyn " during the 12 round of the Championship of Ukraine.

12 round Championship of Ukraine was held in the stadium Chernomorets Odessa .
Football clubs met "Chernomorets", Odessa and " Volyn ", Lutsk.
Within two days the house for football players " Volyn " served as a hotel "Arcadia ." The friendly staff was very happy to play the role of hospitable hosts for the opponents of our team. After FC Volyn really strong contender that deserves respect . Footballers daily energizing and cheering their famous coach Vitaly Kvartsyany.
Recall that the clubs tied 0-0.
On one of the photos Vitaly - the head coach and director of the restaurant "Arcadia" Lyudmila Kaynoran masterfully performed the suite "The best sports nutrition" for the players " Volyn".