Arcadia Banquet Hall


170 sq.m


Theatre - 200

Classroom - 55

Round table - 60

U shape - 50


The meeting room Arcadia (at the same time Banquet hall) is designed for organizing various private and corporate events. Light and spacious room is decorated in classical style. Among advantages: natural day light, separate access to summer terrace. Moreover, there is a special area for receptions “Prefunction”, designed in golden classic style.

Is equipped with standard conference set, additional multimedia equipment can be installed upon request.


  • Movable screen
  • Notepad with set of markers 
  • Branded stationery set 
  • AC system
  • Wi-Fi
  • Event facilitation


24 Genuezskaya St., Odessa 65009, Ukraine

Tel: +38(048) 705-31-30


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