Lichtenstein Garden Palace

Lichtenstein Garden Palace

Distance: 700m

Lichtenstein Garden Palace is a property of Lichtenstein princely family with more than 300-year history. The historical area consists of City Palace, Garden Palace and Garden itself.

City Palace is the first major Vienna’s building of the High Baroque age. The palace has been renovated and appears now in original glorious view with the richest collection with masterpieces of Friedrich Gauermann, Friedrich von Amerling and Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller.

The rooms of Garden Palace contain a masterpiece-selected art collection of Rubens, Raffael, Rembrandt, Van Ruysdael, Lucas Cranach, Hamilton and Van Dyck works. Porcelain and furniture, paintings and sculptures make the exhibitions really valuable.

The Garden with the area of 5 hectares is open daily to public visiting.

Pay attention, that attendance of palaces is available with tours only.

Location: Fürstengasse 1

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24 Genuezskaya St., Odessa 65009, Ukraine

Tel: +380 48 705 31 31

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